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6# Difficulty for business success is NOT VALIDATING the business concept!

Intuition can be misleading. 

We all know the Harry Potter series, the most successful fiction series of all time. We could have almost missed it. In 1996, 7 children’s literature editors in London received the first chapters of the Harry Potter story and didn’t want to publish it. Following intuition, the 8th editor should have also agreed, but the difference was that he gave his 8-year-old daughter the chapters to read.

He validated the product by giving it to the user to read. For the user, it was the most fascinating story she had ever read.

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Practice sharing - Coca-Cola, C2

In 2004, Coca-Cola identified a business opportunity through a new audience of 20-40-year-olds who liked the taste of cola but with fewer calories and sugar- they liked the benefit of calorie reduction in Diet Coke - but not the taste. Coca-Cola decided to launched C2 – ½ the calories with a taste of the original Coca-Cola. To their big surprise, the product failed.  A poll with this audience revealed that they didn’t want to reduce calories or sugar. They wanted 0 calories and maximum taste.

Practice sharing - The Harry Potter Series

We all know the Harry Potter series, the most successful fiction series of all time. But we could have almost missed it. In 1996, 7th children's literature editors in London received the first chapters of the Harry Potter story and didn’t want to publish it. The difference was that the 8th editor gave his 8-year-old daughter the chapters to read. Because she was the right user for the product, she saw the potential- For her, it was the most fascinating story she had ever read.

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