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2# Difficulty for business success is finding the best 'DEMAND-FIT' opportunity!​

About 73% of business ideas miss the best demand opportunity, because they don't dive into the demand segment. The KEY tactic here is attentiveness!

There is a big difference between new business and established business , between new moms and experienced moms, regarding decision making and how attentive they are to your business proposal.  For example – mothers. New mothers usually ask recommendations from other mothers regarding almost anything in daily life, but in the context of previous child experience, experienced mothers will always act according to their own previous experience. 

In the context of choosing a new product, experienced moms represent a range of 8.2%-25% conversion rate & new moms represent a range of 33%-100% conversion rates!

Completely different communication and completely different conversion rate!

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Prioritizing best fit provide better decisions making & greater possibilities for your business!

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Moms usually ask recommendations from other moms regarding ALMOST anything in daily life, BUT in the context of previous child experience, experienced moms will ALWAYS act according to their previous experience and not to other mom’s recommendation.

This discovery helped a baby formula brand reach organically 100,000 members in less than a year!

Best Success Story

Founders of a ‘MAC’ photo editing software wanted to understand why their marketing communication isn’t working well on their users. They identified their demand as- photographers.

Mapping the decision making process  of photographers' context behavior (of choosing a new product), made them found that only 30% have a MAC computer and there is 4 decision making before purchasing. The percentage demand rate for this user dropped to a range of 1.5%-30%. Instead of fixing the barrier and adapting the software to more computers, they looked again on the behavior road map and found new potential user- MAC users community- with 2 decision-making behavior, that can convert 40%-100%! 

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