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1# Difficulty for business success is finding the best 'MARKET-FIT' opportunity!

We make decisions based on our experience and knowledge, and 90% of the time miss out on bigger opportunities!

For example, the founders of a brilliant product idea for indoor air purification were sure that the relevant market context for their planning purposes was the indoor air purifier market. Accordingly, they spent 3 years developing a business plan in the context of the needs of that air purifier market but completely failed to notice a much larger and currently more relevant new market opportunity for ‘smart home automation’ that was developing.

Option 1, direct market: 20 players | $29B value size | 2%+ growth
Option 2, not- direct market: 4 players | $130B value size | 17% growth

Completely different business possibilities in terms of competition, demand & business growth!

The 'MUST KNOW' technique for best market-fit decisions

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Prioritizing best fit provide better decisions making & greater possibilities for your business!

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Best Success Story

If you take an innovative air purifier product, its value will be different for different markets.

Choosing the air purifier market will focus on the value of air quality.

Choosing the smart automation market will focus on the value of safety by identifying air quality.

For the founders of the air purifier product, this discovery helped them modify a better match to a 6 time’s bigger market-fit! & also helped them raise an initial fund of $1,200,000 in 2 months!

Best Success Story

If you take an innovative photo editing software and seek a problem fit- you will find opportunity in the photography market - because there is a need for innovative editing solutions. But, if you will scout first for direct and indirect market fits, you will also discover MAC extensions software market with completely different problem fit - because there is a different need for easy-to-use professional editing craft solutions. 

Same business idea, completely different business opportunities. For the founders of the photo editing software, this discovery helped them identify 3 time’s bigger opportunity for demand!

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The proactive techniques are inspired by the decision-making process of the classic pipeline business model that can predict +60% success rate and also provide design thinking tools with visual, practical and quick results process which can increase creativity and explore more possibilities... 

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