My name is Rinat Keinan, I live in Israel.


I have 12 years of experience with high achievements in Business Strategy & Development for global leading brands such as Teva & Unilever.


I also hold a Master's Degree in Design Management.


5 years ago, I decided to follow my heart and start my entrepreneurial path. 


I started as a freelancer, working with Small Businesses & Startups, helping them achieve their goals with my expert out-of-the-box point of view techniques. Following the amazing results,

I realized - why to help a few of limited time- if I can exchange time with value?

I developed unique business strategy techniques

that can quickly (Visually) and easily empower any business idea offering,

across all aspects of the business journey, by more than 60% success rate!


My first book received a global review as ״an essential read to any idea generator״

from 1 million female entrepreneurship organization.


The Business Empowerment

- a result-driven technique

The entrepreneurship path is a lonely one. The beginning processing can be overloading, confusing, and without expert guidance, it can also lead to the wrong business decisions.   


Most idea generators quit in the early stage, 30% don’t vest after 1 year, and 50% don’t make it over time… too many great ideas fail because of wrong decisions cause of un-knowledgeability. 


However, we live in the most promising era for generating ideas!

Today we have accessibility to the amount of knowledge that we didn’t have before - but we still need guidance to empower our business offering.


The business empowerment approach leverage the accessible knowledgeability in every aspect of the business journey, helping idea generators expand business possibilities, prioritize the best fit, and focus on the highest feasibility empowerment of the business offering!

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