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Rinat Keinan

Marketer, Founder, Entrepreneur, Author

Rinat Keinan holds an M.Des in industrial design and has 12 years of experience in the field as a Marketing Manager for global leading brands with high achievement awards for business & strategy success, in various marketing positions.

Her pipeline guide was highly evaluated by a worldwide leading feminine 1 million entrepreneurs organization as “essential read for the idea generators- wanting to transform their idea into reality”


5 Legendary Startups


Why a recession is a good thing for startups?

How To Impress Investors- 3 Steps

4 Factors That Made Zoom 

3 Skills to learn from 'the founder'

Want to get YES from investors?

Follow these 5 sweet points!

Every business idea meets a specific need and should solve a particular problem. Starting with the problem have better attention results to deeply understand the business idea necessity.

Starting A Startup Business?

3 MUST KNOW to have the best start!

10,000 hours of practice are needed to achieve the level of control associated with world-class expertise in every and any field.

How To Find Investors For Your Business?

A MUST KNOW for any entrepreneur!

Finding investors is the same as identifying your potential users, filtering your audience will make you improve the outcomes.

5 Pitch decks statistics that can help you raise fundings in 90 days! 

A pitch deck is by far the most essential tool for fundraising, and a winning pitch deck can shorten the time you funding to develop your product.

6 Ridiculous Things You Want To Avoid

When Meeting With An Investor

If you are looking for quick wins,

I have prioritized the top 6 ‘must know’ to avoid when meeting with an investor. Based also on my own experience in raising funding

8 Tactics To Become A Potential [$1bn] Unicorn

That Aren't Accessible Within Accelerators & Incubators

These tactics are for all those idea generators, who are dreaming of becoming a potential unicorn but need help to figure out how to fulfill it. 


4 Top strategy advice!

The biggest mistake that most businesses without strategy background make, is to search a DIRECT 'problem fit' to the business idea context - which most of the time not a real problem of need.

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